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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 28, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> take a look at storm tracker 4. heavy rain beginning to come in. 6/10 of an inch per hour or
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stronger in some spots. an intense cells moving over the no. 8. a complete look at whether in a moment. >> per hour commute is not in tents on the bay bridge toll plaza, thankfully. even with the early exhibition of the metering lights, the cycle rate appears to be quick and appropriate to the light volume that we see not only here but around the area. so far we have yet to track any hot spots. complete update coming up. >> a developing story out of walnut creek. police are investigating a stabbing that took place at a car wash on north main and carrygeary. >> will tran is live right now on the scene. >> the two suspects are under arrest, at 11:00 p.m. last night they walk to themselves into the
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police department and turned themselves in, confessing to the crime. this happened when the car wash was closed. joining me is the owner of the car wash. lenny, tell us what happened. what did the police tell you? >> i do not know what happens, i saw this on the news last night, no sooner did we continue to watch and i received a phone call from officer to come down. >> these people had nothing to do with the car wash at all? >> i believe three of them work here. i do not know if they are the ones that are injured, but three of them previously worked here. as of today, they used to work here. >> the arrested people are jorge and rajellio argueda.
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>> they used to work here. rojellio was here for years. >> hearing about his arrest, are you surprised? >> yes. i am surprised about them both. >> that is lenny. he said that he has this surveillance video but he, give us that until he speaks with the police department. there were five people involved in all of this, three people were stabbed, two of them were rushed to the hospital and this morning are in stable condition. another person was stabbed in his forearm and refused treatment. it all happened right around here, the victims managed to stagger next door to the apartment complex to ask for help. this morning there recovery and a hospital. we have defined all from walnut creek police department if all the suspects knew one another and what led to this confrontation.
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we do know that they are in the martina's jail this morning being held on $50,000 bail. >> the cell phone of the truck driver involved in the deadly collision has been recovered and will be a key piece of evidence in the deadly crash with the truck driver and an amtrak train. the driver was trying to send a text message for trying to talk to someone before his trailer slammed into an amtrak car 70 mi. east of reno. records show that he has been in trouble with the law before, six tickets in the past three years, not just in california but in alabama as well. three of those six were for speeding while driving a school bus. friday's accident killed driver and at least five other people on the train. there is one passenger
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vessel remains unaccounted for. >> a developing story out of florida, a family of set over how the csa handled a screening of an elderly woman. here is her daughter to tell us what happened. they felt something suspicious on her leg. they could not determine what it was, it had something to do with her depend thats where wedtech and firm. they could not check early and they would have to remove it. i told them i did not have an extra one with me, normally this was not a problem in the woman's issue could not complete the security check without depends off. i had to leave the security area, take her to a restaurant and take it off of her. >> the woman suffers from leukemia. the gsa says the case has been reviewed and the agent acted professionally and according to a proper procedure.
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>> here are some of your comments in regards to that tsa incident. >> time for a check on the weather forecast with james fletcher. >> good morning, here is a live look from mt. tam. you can see it we have some high clouds, low clouds, we have faulted and
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wind, drizzle and rain. we have the whole gamut this morning. the rain right now is falling mainly in the north bay. that is where it will start and spray area wide. we will also introduce the possibility of a thunderstorm or two. the rain will eventually go away overnight and this slowly taper off. tomorrow morning we will start on a dry note. let's take a quick look and storm tracker 4. in santa rosa, you can see the cold front pushing through. the current bill is dealing with light, moderate and heavy rain. santa rosa had heavier rain banal dealing with light rain. if you live in the north bay and 101 is a part of your commute, be prepared to take it slow. we
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have similarly intense rain offshore near stinson beach near inverness. moderate-heavy rain right now. we are better than a half an inch of rain coming down right now in some of these have your pick cells. slowly moving east. >> we will be dealing with the rain the entire afternoon, your evening commute will been wet as well. by 10:00 p.m. we will say goodbye to the rain and
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that will be the last that we see of it. it is a one day deal. wednesday we dry and our temperatures will rebound as we head towards the weekend. fill looks like a fourth of july weekend is still a nice one to the outside. >> the bay bridge has not turned into a problem, a metering lights are at a good rate. there is no real back up to speak of. in fact, the traffic has been backed up nearly to 80, it is almost completely cleared out. a smooth and easy ride. the incident >> 101 from marin county, the ride on the highway looks good. the drizzle is even catching up with the camera lens at the toll plaza. traffic is still light trimaran and across this ban. 7:09 a.m., we will take a short break and be right back. if h with
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the wynton of an abused and neeson white
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>> and, we have rain falling in the no. 8. all the communities along 101 are dealing with light rain. it will grow in intensity as you head towards the close on. take a look offshore down towards the north bay near stinson beach, inverness,
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we will keep an eye on the rain and let you know where it is headed. >> the dow is up 85 points to 12,128. a big reason for that is home price numbers coming out. numbers for the month of april, a spring buying used across the country. home prices have risen in 13 of 20 cities track. washington d.c. saw the biggest price increases followed by san francisco, atlanta and seattle. last month home prices sunk to lowest level since 2002. this is the first time in eight months that we have seen a rise in home prices. >> 7:13 a.m., coming up on the kron 4 morning news, we will recap top stories, one of those is the rain. a live look outside on the roof camera here in san francisco. you can see the dreary skies that have settled in. more on the forecast when we come back.
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>> an elderly woman had to remove a wet diaper in order to
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be screened. the tsa says they did nothing wrong. a woman was let go from hollister store in detail for refusing to remove her muslim scarves. more on that in a moment. here are live pictures from atlanta. a bridge has collapsed northwest of atlanta. what we are hearing is that a waste management truck was stuck underneath the bridge. that causes the bridge to collapse on top of the truck. one person is trapped inside of the car underneath the bridge. emergency crews are on the scene trying to free that person. it has caused a huge traffic headache in that part of atlanta. more details as soon as they come in to the kron 4 news room. >> rain already moving into the north bay. jackie sissel is live in san rafael where he is waiting for the drops to fall. >> good morning. so far this
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morning we have not seen any rain here in san rafael. the skies are dark and a bit. i am going to move north west to see if we can find any rain. >> how close is the rain to san rafael and where is the rain coming down right now? >> here is a quick look at storm tracker 4. in san rafael where jackie is located, the rain is to his west just over the hills, just north of mt. tam. and this slowly tracking to the east. san rafael will see rain in may be the next half-hour or if the storm continues to track to the west. the north is under showers right now, you can see we are
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dealing with, moderate-heavier rain activity near guerneville. " for the most part, 101 is dealing with light rain. that will all change. this system is tracking to the east. we expect 101 to get hit with heavier stuff before too much longer. the north bay coastline near stinson beach of dealing with light-moderate rain. heavy rain in some parts. anywhere from 1/4 up to an inch of falling. pretty intense stuff. this is what is striking to our debate today. here is a quick look at the temperatures. it will be wet and cold. only 63 in santa rosa. san francisco, 60. samaras is 19 degrees colder this afternoon than they should be on june 20th. livermore, 72,
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that is 18-19 degrees cooler than what they should be. all in all, that is what you will feel. cold the and wet. in the meantime, your 7 day forecast shows this is just a one day thing. we will warm up as we head towards this fourth of july weekend. 7:20 a.m., let's get a check on the committee. >> in the traffic center there is no bad news. the good news is that there are no hot spots, there are no major incidents or unusual delays to slow your ride around the bay area. we will start with a bridge check, even this is better news, the metering lights are not an issue this morning for the bay bridge. with very light traffic flow, a light back on the debris. this 880 approach has already improved from the worst that it was this morning which was right at the top of the lamp. a good cycle rate, no
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artificial backups for the westbound bay bridge and better than yesterday, we are into the fray. the san mateo bridge ride, the volume is building a bit on the westbound side but it is still a smooth ride with no delays. the golden gate bridge, an easy commute through marin there are no delays across the golden gate bridge for the southbound 101 ride. the ride through san francisco, here is a look at the james lick freeway. light traffic on the inbound central. there are no delays were the two freeways merge. you will not have any problems headed towards the peninsula. public transit, the only issue this morning was one minor delays for ace train no. 1. a good-looking public transit commuters. no problems
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reported. >> the wild fire in northern mexico is grown to more than 43,000 a.. smoke and flames are starting to spread and several homes have been burned. a national laboratory is closed as a result of the fire is not yet directinthreatening that facili. people living near the lows almost are packing up trying to get out of harm's way despite the mandatory evacuation of nearly 13,000 people, officials say there has not been one traffic accident. cars are backed up in this area. crews that have been working on the arizona wildfires have moved to new mexico to try to help out. another team is expected to arrive today because of the potential for this blaze to double in size. >> here is a scene in nebraska, water inundating the nuclear
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power plant located near the swollen missouri river, surrounded by several feet of water. they're putting up barriers to keep water away from key equipment. this plant is designed to withstand at least eight more feet of water. the plant is dry inside and shutdown right now, it is not in any immediate danger. the flooding river has raising fears that other power plants could be you vulnerable to extreme weather events. >> a former stockroom worker is suing to abercrombie and fitch in the court. she said she was illegally fired after refusing to remove from moslem headscarf. same minister here at hillsdale mall at hollister store hired her while she was wearing this carved into the manager said it was ok as long is it was in company colors. four months later the 20 world says she was asked to removers are, she was suspended and fire for refusing.
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abercrombie and fitch says it is an equal opportunity employer and does not tolerate discrimination. to join our discussion on this topic, go to our facebook fan page, like us and close your comments. >> more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. here is a live picture in atlanta of a bridge that collapsed. one person was trapped in a waste management drop that was trying to go underneath the bridge. the drop was too tall and then brought the entire bridge down with it. what a mess of this has caused in atlanta! we will be right back.
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>> >> one of the stories we have been falling, a stabbing at a car wash in walnut creek. there were three people stabbed and two people are under arrest, they turned themselves in. will tran is live on the scene. he has the latest details. >> we are at the car wash, we learned over the past half an hour that they were employees of the car wash, in fact, three of the five people involved in last night stabbing worked at this one agreed car
7:32 am
>> to of the people stabs' are now in stable condition after being rushed to hospital. a third person was stabbed in his forearm but refused treatment. the two people who turned themselves and, jorge and rojellio ragueta. joining me now is lenny, the owner of a car wash. >> they are great employees. they have been here for a long time. there are brothers. rojellio has been here for at least 15 years. >> did you ever see a confrontation or tension between the men? >> nothing at all. if there is any tension among some employees, we get that taken care of right away. >> can you tell us about them?
7:33 am
but a family man? why? >> they are all quite. they do their job, we know their wives, daughters and children. the daughters to make homemade mexican food and bring it down here and hand it out just about every weekend. >> are you surprised by this? >> i am very surprised. all of these men knew one another. >> thank you. that is correct lenny, the owner of the car wash. this confrontation happened to three hours after the car wash closed last night. we do not know why the groups of men met here, but the brothers, they are in a martinez jail being held on $50,000 bail for assault with a deadly weapon. much more on this story throughout the morning. >> a 17 year-old boy remains in
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critical condition this morning after being injured when a santa tunnel he was digging collapsed on top of him. ryan buchanan was on a charge field trip at sunset beach in santa cruz county when he and a friend were digging to hold about 6 ft. deep in and were trying to connect them underground. canada became buried and was badly injured. last night friends and family attended a vigil. they say this was a freak accident. >> the kids were playing in the sand. that is what you do on the weekends. no one thought that could happen. everyone on the beach was spring. it's a miracle he is alive. nothing short of a miracle. >> this is a picture of a raw land from the space-bar page. friends say that he remains unconscious this morning but his brain waves react to people's voices. >> a live look on the james lick
7:35 am
freeway. clouds and drizzle. we're watching the rain moving through the north >> we are montezuma and on the north bay. -- i am going to zoom in on the north bay. there you can see guerneville. about 7:42 a.m. in windsor, 8 06 a.m. and household of. here is a listing of * it we expect the rain to hit. less advanced the maps and take a look at the
7:36 am
coastline near stinson beach. >> >> rear is a ballpark in terms of what we expect the rain to hit these bay area cities. keep that in mind as you are making plans this morning. here are expected temperatures for the day. we will only worn into the 60s for many locations. 19 degrees colder than he should be on this date.
7:37 am
>> here is your 7 day forecast. you're looking at conditions gradually improving, that is the good news. do not let today's rain fool you. the holiday weekend will be fantastic. plenty of sunshine with temperatures getting up into the '90s. a perfect day to be out on the water anywhere around the bay. here is a check on your commute. >> how the commute is good overall. we're looking at light conditions. it could be because of the approaching holiday weekend. here at the bay bridge the good news is, with light traffic we have been enjoying a light and easy ride. the metering lights are working at an appropriate rate for the light volume of traffic. hardly any backup and a short weeks coming from the macarthur maze. on the nimitz freeway, there is no waiting to get to the upper deck. an easy ride across the
7:38 am
upper deck as well. again, the volume is light. we are not tracking any hot spots. the volume continues to grow. we are not looking at any problems. a short wait on the approach to the toll plaza. that is the extent of the delay. and look at the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound, the volume has picked up. there are no delays across the span or through marin county. contra costa county, the san ramon valley, slow going. sybil as we move towards 8:00 a.m.. we will not call this a hot spot because it is a typical delay for the southbound 680 ride headed towards alamo. it is loss of the lane on the right and the beginning of the carpool lane on the left that takes to of the lanes from the southbound ride. the commute for interstate
7:39 am
80, hercules to berkeley, the right time is under 18 minutes. easy commute there. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a live look outside in san jose, not a lot of traffic problems there. we are watching the rain moving in, it is in the north bay right now. when will it get to where you live? we will explain when we come back.
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>> protests in the country of greece, 5000 police officers are guarding athens city center. explosive cocktail's being thrown at police officers. the strike is destructive most public services across the country today. >> it is also expected that french finance minister christine lagarde will be named the next chair of the international monetary fund. lagarde the first woman to lead the lending organization. she replaces dominique strauss-kahn who resigned last month after being charged with sexually assaulting a maid and a new york city hotel. >> coming up we have the latest on the bryan stow investigation. we showed you video yesterday's with him arguing with another dodgers fans today he was brutally attacked. and the man
7:44 am
he is arguing with is speaking out and giving some explanation as to what was going on. mark will update us on this story when we come back. wu
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bent horn when. why does the
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>> the lapd is still investigating this and video print from yesterday's. >> right now is reining in the north bay. the golden gate bridge cameras pointed in that direction. you can see drizzle all lands on the lens. to the ns where we see the most intensive rain showers. green, orange and red indicating heavy rain just offshore. you can see 101 from rohnert park towards pillsbury dealing with mild rain, moderate at times.
7:49 am
>> we are looking for that to make landfall within the next hour. everyone will get wet this afternoon. rain will be bay area wide right in. travelers will also be chilly. 63 in santa rosa, 60 and san francisco, 71 degrees, 72 degrees, that is all we are expecting. that is 50-20 degrees: will we should be for this day. in the south bay, 70 in san jose. that is the way the rain is shaping up. when we come back for our next update, more details about when we expect rain to move its way out. tomorrow looks better in the thursday and friday look fantastic as temperatures get back to where they ought to be. what are shaping of nicely with a lot of sunshine. it will be a good weekend to get out of
7:50 am
water and a barbecue or do whatever you want to do. >> traffic is not bad. we are approaching the 8:00 a.m. hour and free of hot spots for your right around the bay area. that is good news for you and your drive. a light and easy ride. your ride on the bay bridge equally good. your ride across the span is 13 minutes. an easy ride from marin county. we're still problem free. a good drive. a bit of a back up at the
7:51 am
guadalupe parkway connection to the bayshore freeway. >> police have identified 18 suspects in custody for the weekend shooting in san francisco. witnesses say that two groups of people were involved in some sort of fight before the shooting occurred. here is video from the scene. >> much more ahead of the kron 4 morning news. the president is at andrews air force base heading into iowa. he will be talking about the economy. he is going to court and aluminum processing factory and speak with workers. this visit is a part of the effort to address
7:52 am
job creation. it will be the president's first trip to iowa since announcing his reelection. the kron 4 morning news will be right back. "
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>> let's take a live look
7:57 am
outside from our mt. tam cam. she is located rather dreary. yes! you cannot see anything. clouds and rain. more when we come back. the her
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>> here rain and a finished on today, we will dry out by tomorrow and a good-looking weekend for fourth of july. >> 8 light and easy ride on the bay bridge. a metering lights are working well with the light traffic volume on this week before the holiday. a complete
8:01 am
traffic check coming >> up. we're going now to a developing story that we are falling out of walnut creek this morning. three people are stabbed in the parking lot of a car wash on north main and kiri geary. >> will tran is live on the scene and bringing us the latest on what is happening. >> a manhunt for the two suspects is over because at around 11:00 p.m. they walked into the wallet creek police department and turn themselves in. apparently they invesconfeso the crime. hesurveillance camers captured everything according to the owner of the car wash. he say that the surveillance camera captured the two groups of men. the two groups plan at
8:02 am
one another like rams. there is a video right after the confrontation at about 9:00 p.m.. the three men that were stabbed, two of them were stabbed so badly that they had to be rushed to the hospital and went into surgery. as of this morning they're listed in stable condition. another man was stabbed in his forearm and refused treatment. we learned from the owner of the car wash, he believes the four of the five men were employees. he does not believe there is any tension between the two groups of men but he does not know why they got into a confrontation. color this morning jorge and rojellio argueta are sitting in a martinez jail on $50,000 bail and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. we'll have more from the owner coming up at 8:30 a.m..
8:03 am
>> we will check back with you shortly. >> now for the very latest on that deadly amtrak crash. investigators say that the cell phone of the drivers involved has been recovered from the crash site and will become a key piece of evidence. investigators are trying to determine whether the driver was trying to send a text message or talk to anyone on the cellphone before his trailer slammed into that amtrak car on friday. that was about 70 mi. east of reno. records show that the driver has been in trouble with law before. he has got six tickets in the past three years. in california and alabama. three of those six tickets for speeding while driving a school bus. the accident killed in the driver and five other people on the train. as of this morning only one other passenger remains unaccounted for. we're turning now to our local forecast, james fletcher is tracking rain and what will be happening for the
8:04 am
fourth of july weekend. >> everyone is nervous about the fourth because of the rain today, this will all be gone by this weekend. some of the pockets of rain or heavy. moderate-heavy downpours right now with up to 1 in. in some readings. the north bay is where the rain is hitting the ground right now. healdsburg all the way down to 1 01 down into rohnert park and navato. heavy rain on the way. we had a heavy seller of rain between santa rosa and windsor, that has since dissipated but we are left with light rain falling in that area. an intense selling planes headed towards the golden gate bridge.
8:05 am
noon-4:00 p.m. is when most of the rain will fall at its heaviest and begin to breakup as we head towards the evening. temperatures are considered to be cooler than normal. upper 60's, low 70's in some spots. los gatos in morgan hill, mid- 70s. for everyone else is a cool afternoon. the good news is, it does not last very long. the thunderstorm should dissipate this evening. tomorrow will wake up try and continue to warm as we head towards the weekend. temperatures getting up into the upper nine days, possibly triple digits on sunday. >> it is still a great commuter around the bay area. we have not seen a single hot spots of far this morning. we have been observing light traffic all
8:06 am
around the bay area. caltran crews this morning are working the metering lights quite effectively. we have not seen much in the wake of eight back up. the metering lights for activated earlier than usual around 6:11 a.m.. there has not been a big back up at all this morning. the 80 approach slows mostly in the right lane which is headed for the open toll lane at the right side of the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge traffic is fine. there are no problems reported across the span. there are some reports of activity in the water near the bridge and possibly water rescue taking place but not having any impact on the commute. the ride westbound looks good. your ride on the commute to the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound it looks good. the deck has dried
8:07 am
out a little bit since the early morning hours when drizzle was more of a factor that it is packed hall for the northbound and southbound ride. our camera on the james lick freeway, the inbound central freeway is still light enough that there are no delays were the two freeways merge. your ride towards sfo is an 18 minute drive from downtown san francisco. >> the dow jones is up another 100 points to 12,00144. the big reason is a spring buying spree boosted home prices are on the country. home prices have risen in 13 of the 20 cities tract. washington d.c. saw the biggest price increase followed by san francisco and atlanta and seattle. home prices in march some to lowest levels since 2002. for the first time in eight months we're seeing a rise in home
8:08 am
>> coming up, your comments about the tsa incident within that 95 year-old woman. the rain is falling down in san rafael her. grade dreary skies. more weather when we come back. ♪
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>> the family said zacks the
8:12 am
woman in the tsa incident and suffers from leukemia. she is going back to michigan to be very. tsa says the agent acted appropriately and did not specifically asked the woman to remove her diaper. hot people have been selling off. >> this has been one of our face discussions today. -- space- bar discussions today. here are some of the comments.
8:13 am
>> to join our discussion, join us on as facebook and like us. >> act coming up, one of the best opening throw pitches and a dog who spontaneously ran in a charity event. faug
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>> >> desk average fans are being priced out of the events. >> " i think we have reached
8:18 am
because of of supply and demand. >> yesterday i was talking to the no. 1 draft pick of the warriors, his father. he said the average nba salary is now $5 million a year. fi50 lebron jam, those big names, i can understand hang them because they draw people, but if the to the eighth or ninth man on the team should not be making that. >> who is going to get the doctors? pacific ofdgers? the d3
8:19 am
billion tv deal with fox. >> why filing vagrancy, they will just extend this for a while. >> the old man in ramirez 21 million. >> the owner of the warriors said he can never remember and odor coming in with less money and poor running a team. someone
8:20 am
else told me his net worth was 150,000. >> this i desperately one of the red sox infielder he went all out for the dodgers. >> he did not have the money, it was all leveraged. >> it is terrell owens done? a torn is the all across the area of -- a corn crop acl. >> they are saying that he kept or that during the taping of his vh-1 reality show. >> he is 37 and without a team.
8:21 am
>> i did not know terrell owens is the only player to have been receiving touchdowns against all 32 teams in the nfl. >> i did not know that. his numbers will put him in the hall of fame. " when you play for the 49 years, connect you was one of the most shy man. very quiet. i remember the changing of terrell owens. imagine those reality
8:22 am
shows committee does not have a uniform on, who will want him? he is one of those guys when you look at him, he is nice enough, but i wonder without playing professional football it's there is a future for him in a show business. >> wheels the house that beige ones reality series goes. and we have a dog that spontaneously ran in a charity marathon. come >> enough is exclusive on kron 4, a dog that spontaneously ran in a charity event. >> and raised 13,000, will show you that tomorrow. >> do not touch the dial.
8:23 am
>> we will see you back here tomorrow morning. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. as i've lost 36
8:24 am
lbs. and he didn't iron in the storm most have to have the changes had the confidence to really he person that i always in one want in colder
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>> cruzan have been working the arizona wild fire are now being moved to help with the new mexico wild fires. another crew will arrive today because of the potential of the blaze to double in size. >> this is the scene in
8:27 am
nebraska, water inundating the fort calhoun power plant. barriers are round critical reactors, outside of the reactors, critical equipment. the generators have had to be shut down because of water around them. they have to bring in an extra power source. the swollen missouri river is getting up to 2 ft. of water are on the plan although the plan is designed to withstand eight more feet of water. the plant is dry inside and has been shut down. not in immediate danger but the flooding is raising fears that other power plants in the united states will be vulnerable to extreme weather events. we are back in 2 minutes as a kron 4 morning news continues. we will have the latest on the rain around the bay area. right now here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. the rain is about to move in.
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on which . where it. of or it
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will use all
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>> and there were two brothers arrested in the stabbing of the car wash in walnut creek. the owner of a car wash says four out of the five men involved at one time or another were employees of this place. he knows and then coming here is what he had to say. in the are great guys. they are all very quiet. they are all great employees. as far as >> you know, there is no confrontation or attention?
8:34 am
>> nothing at all. there is anything like that here, and they do not stay here. >> he is curious as to what led up to the confrontation. hopefully we will hear from a public information officer on a possible motive. the two men are right now in a martinez jail and booked on assault with a deadly weapon. there bail is set at $50,000. >> to we will check factor out the morning. >> nicknames is here with the latest on where it is raining and more informally when the rain will stop. -- james is here with the latest on the marirain. >> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see
8:35 am
the rain falling. it is creeping south with every passing minute. here is a quick look at storm tracker 4. is all lit up in the north bay. orange, yellow and green which means white, moderate in heavy rain in some spots. santa rosa, healdsburg, that stretch of 101 between the two cities is dealing with heavy rains, we will slide the maps a little bit to take a closer look at the bottle and a petaluma. -- navato and petaluma. be ready for that. also down by inverness, moderate rain. quarter of an inch an hour or stronger rains. in stinson beach, a heavy cell holding three trekking in the direction of sausalito. just north of the golden gate bridge, expects for
8:36 am
the rain to intensify. san francisco is getting close to seeing this line of showers creeping into the city. in the next 15-20 minutes, maybe in the next half-hour we will see the rain come in. light green to start with and heavy rain on the backside. that is what we are dealing with without the day today. light-moderate rain and the potential of a thunderstorm here and there. unseasonably cool temperatures. to put things into perspective, temperatures are anywhere from 8-20 degrees colder than they should be this day in the month of june. it is a cold and wet one. as i have been saying, this should be a one day deal. we will get better with each passing day as we approach the independence day holiday.
8:37 am
>> we found our first hot spot of the morning. the commute is slow and late. heavy traffic on interstate 583 altemont pass and the livermore valley. all of a red means speeds below 25 mi. per hour, likely the result of early morning problems between 205, excuse me between i 5 and macarthur. heading into tracy was backed up in the early morning hours. like a snake as well as the elephant, this is -- that is moving to the communete >> on the bay bridge a great light. a metering lights working appropriately. yesterday we had a big backup but this morning we
8:38 am
have been incidents free. an abandoned vehicle on the bridge. even though there is only been a minor weight to it appears as though have the san mateo bridge is starting to back up towards the toll plaza. this is near the base of a high-rise near the flat section. it has taken some time for the back of to reach the pole was a. hollis said the cemetery ridge is turning into the bridge to avoid. use the dumbarton bridge instead. on the golden gate, an easy commute and problem free all morning long southbound.
8:39 am
>> we have new details just days before the deadline to reach a budget for california, gov. jerry brown and the democrats have reached an agreement on a plan to close the $9.6 billion budget deficit without relying on tax extensions. the governor will balance the budget with a combination of spending cuts and a projected increase in normal tax revenue. the new plan calls for an additional $150 million in cuts to each of the uc, csu and court systems. it also calls for a $12 per vehicle increase in the diem the registration fee. this will eliminate more than 75 percent of the deficit. >> we made tough decisions. it is a good budget. it is not the budget i started with in
8:40 am
january. it is not what democratic leadership wanted, a budget that had revenue. we still have them hanging out there. >> as a result, democratic leaders are not giving up on the plan to bring tax extensions to voters. talks will continue as it moved to the ballot next year. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from the bottom 1/4. navato.
8:41 am
8:42 am
all have been hard regard it is brought her
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> should pomeranian where it is headed coming up after the break. here is a live look from mt. tam. -- more on the rain and where it is headed coming up
8:45 am
after the break.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> here is where temperatures will go this afternoon. as in the south bay san jose is only as 70 degrees. everyone
8:51 am
experiencing temperatures 18-20 degrees cooler than where we should be this time of year. pat to the good news is the rain will only last 1 days. it will be gone as easily tonight. wednesday and into thursday and friday we will dry out and get ourselves into good standing. plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. >> we have hotspots. here is the situation. we talked about elite community and the late hot spot on interstate 580. it is already improving. sensors showed as these have improved for the westbound right. it is much more approaching normal for the westbound community and still sluggish for sure, not as bad as it had been. no longer a hot spot on the westbound 580 ride. the san mateo bridge had backed up all the way to the
8:52 am
toll plaza while crews were working to remove an abandoned vehicle near the base of a high- rise. they believe that improved quickly before we had to start calling for an alternate route for the san mateo bridge. better conditions now. around mid span is sluggish leading to the base of a high-rise. that is westbound. the abandoned vehicles may have been associated with a water rescue that occurred had 8 02 a.m. when the coast guard took a man on of the water near the san mateo bridge near the foster city side. on the bay bridge westbound, would agree to meet. we have had a lot of concerns about how the metering lights have handled these lighter than normal traffic flows. all of last week we can dig back ups on the bay bridge. so far that has not been the case. this morning and has been a light in the easy ride, this is the way that it should look. looking at your ride on the golden gate bridge,
8:53 am
101 southbound, i think we can say there is some rain, forget drizzle. it looks like a wet ride in oz. when you are driving around during daylight hours, if your windshield wipers are on, your headlights must be on as well. that is a lot in california. >> the free ride for hybrids in the carpool lane is about to end. the state law that allows drivers with those yellow hybrid stickers will expire on july 1st. now that the stickers will be useless lot of drivers are trying to get them off of their vehicles. it is not that easy. one on a body shop offered to do the job for freight but other shops will charge you because it is too time consuming to take the stickers off. since the program began in 2005 the state issued 85,000 stickers. drivers who had a hybrid will now have
8:54 am
to use regular car lanes. much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. our entertainment buzz is next. erica will let us know about. and pick up. are they really an item? year is a look outside, the heavenly ski resort. there is no snow on the ground but some of the ski resorts are open. >> snow expected above 7,000 ft. in the sahara. ierra. the of an oven analyzes
8:55 am
8:56 am
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of human ♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose.
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it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] two men are behind bars accused of establishing a three man it was all caught on tapes ideas got done talking to the suspect's family and i was more information coming ups. >> and a man that had all verbal altercation with a bryan stowe has set the
9:01 am
something to say about that. and the truck driver that was involved in the deadly crash of the amtrak train your find out more information about amp's and the big news is the rain that is a around the area it looks like heavy rain is moving into san francisco we will have a latest on the forecast. >> you and see the golden gate bridge with raindrops on the lands we're going to see san francisco pick up some rain we're talking about heavy rain at times appeared actors today we will start to dry out and warm of for the july 4th weekend. the line of rain
9:02 am
stretches from san our rosa. we a senior rain along the coast on highway and won a one and we take you up north a lot of activity st. helena the intensity level is picking. we will continue to see the rain intensified the afternoon highs r&b but really cool. all along because we might hold on to the 50s today south bay could warm into the '70s.
9:03 am
this is a look of your seven day forecast and everybody will be wet today which will dry out and then it will get more for the weekend. >> we're no longer tracking any hotspots we will check on the bridges excellent condition at the toll plaza finally the metering lights are not creating a problem. and your ride is san mateo bridge conditions are pretty good there might be less lucky traffic there was an abandoned vehicle on the bridge and chp cruiser parked behind it might have something to do with the water rescue that happened about a one hour ago and on
9:04 am
the golden gate bridge is raining. if it is not having any impact or back up. we did receive a notice from of your eyes off from a substance on that the road way. we have notified the authorities and they are going to check it out. >> the information leading up to the brutal beating a giants fan bryan stowe. we should do the video obtained by gm deceived. he continued
9:05 am
to tell the dmz and they exchanged words and he went back to his seat. bryan stowe lawyer has yet to comment on this they are still investigating the cellphone video it just surfaced yesterday. >> of walnut creek three people were stabbed in the parking lot of a car wash. here is the location of a car wash. will tran and has been on scene. >> new reformation to pass along i just finished talking to their families at this point. the police
9:06 am
department came to their house and took them down to the walnut creek police department this all happen near the car was it was all caught on surveillance video. five men charged at each other like gramm's it seemed like they knew each other for a out of the five were of the more to the car wash. this happened around 9:00 p.m. last nine here in. their resolve longstanding feud going on between add the two families that lived right across the hallway from one another. two of them are rest to surgery
9:07 am
after they were stabbed in the torsion. another man was stabbed in the arm and refuse treatment it appears to be all longstanding feud. the two parties got into a fistfight and it was not over until last nine. if this is the first confrontation our weapons were involved. >> the stories we're following the deadly amtrak crash in nevada and federal investigators are saying the selloff on of the truck driver has been recovered it will be determined if he was attacked single or talking on the phone when the the crash happened.
9:08 am
record show valley has been in trouble with the law before in in california as well as alabama. he received as beating ticket while driving a school bus. there is only one passenger on account for at this time. we will be back as the kron 4 morning news continues to and coming ups we will have a latest controversy at our about the bad down beds by gsa and this involving a 90 year-old woman.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
this is a story out of
9:12 am
florida of the family is upset about a 95 year-old woman and how she was treated by the gsa. her daughter tells us what happened >> they felt something suspicious on her leg and they could not determine what was they weren't sure if it had something to do with her depends could not check it thoroughly and she would have to remove it i told them i did not have an extra one with me she told me they could not complete the search without her removing that depends i took her to a restroom at the airport and took off for. >> the woman suffers from leukemia and was on her way back to michigan to visit family and that is where she is planning on dying. there
9:13 am
are a lot of comments about this story on our facebook fan page. >> of former stockroom worker is suing at a crummy and finished. after she refused to remove her muslim headdress she was fired. they hired her when she was wearing a scarf and the manager said it was ok and as long as it was in the company colors. four months later them 20 year-old said she was referred asked to remove the of the scarf and she refused and subsequently was fired abercrombie and finch said they are an equal opportunity employer and did not have any further statement. >> and the rain as well over one a one right now and will have more information on the train coming in the area in just a few minutes. yñsñkékékióç]s]s
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
tracking the rain moving to the bay area is a check of highway 37 in has lined up all lot >> it was coming down a did a good clip but has lined up quite a bit. that traffic is heading north, and now 101 in a vital. we had a big sell blow through. i'm not sure of the worst is over. we will check him with always some lodge hairy >> mt. tam as stockton is
9:18 am
north bay is started out with a wet whether just starting to clip of the peninsula. the north bay is seen the intensity of this shower storm. quite a bit of room rain in san raphael. we're seeing a tape or off through wine country stuff beer didn't come pictures down. that temperatures will
9:19 am
be in the '60s and '70s throughout the bay area we're gonna dryout by tomorrow and thursday and friday we start to warm up for the july 4th weekend ari. >> we saw the north bay rain on jackie shot near role in a large and traffic is very light there it is creating some problems but they have moved to the shoulders. the
9:20 am
bridge check gets underway the toll plaza level is light and easy metering lights are working very effectively. san mateo bridge had some problems earlier because of an abandoned vehicle that may have been connected with the water or rescued shortly after 8:00 a.m.. traffic moving slow play and the san francisco bridge is a well- worn. you will definitely need of the wind chill wipers. heavy traffic but no rain so far heading into
9:21 am
santa clara. >> dow jones industrial up a hundred and 15 points. the home price index is a report will be coming out. there will be reporting that numbers for april. why shouldn't dc saw the biggest price in greece. new details on our state budget governor brown and democratic leaders have said they have reached an agreement they are not relying on the tax and extensions. it will the
9:22 am
accommodation of spending cuts an increase in normal tax revenue. and some cuts to schools and the court system will also get cuts. the fee for registrating bill also well of $12. in order to completely relieve the deficit did they will have to increase revenue >> it is a good budget but is not the budget i started out with in january and it's not the one the democratic leadership wanted we still have a wall-hanging out there they're looking for an additional $4 billion in tax revenue their share. talks
9:23 am
will continue before it moves to the ballot next year. >> oakland california of been in talks to close with oakland that union leaders. they want the budget to be filled by concessions from the union leaders. >> this is a look out mt. tam cam and the rain is starting to commend will have more in just a few minutes
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
this is the line rain moving through the bay area at kind
9:27 am
of heavy in southern marin county and it is going to get heavier in the next 20 minutes. a small grass fire in car accord residents are concerned it has paillette drive over the last few weeks >> you're looking at what science could be coming this summer. all round you can see tall grass. >> coming in and screws are building these firebricks. >> they are taking care of some of the things that are required. >> they are trying to keep
9:28 am
the fires at bay. >> obviously the rain that is coming in the east bay area well help quite a bit. we'll all have more traffic and weather coming ups.
9:29 am
9:30 am
rain is just starting at the golden gate bridge right now. >> just starting to see some pop up showers in the san francisco bay area. we have seen most of the activity of this morning in the north bay area wide spread of rain the bay area tomorrow we are trying now and warming up just-in-time pri the july 4th we can. our storm
9:31 am
tracker 4 shows you the wide track of rain will take a closer look here. the northern part of the peninsula is seen the rain it is just starting in san francisco. the bridges seeing a significant rain right now. this is a look of your afternoon highs it's going to stay pretty cool today upper 60s in concord and low '70's in antioch.
9:32 am
this is a look of your seven day forecast were calmed down a little bit tomorrow and thursday and friday will bring the temperatures back up and skyrocket by the redaweekend. >> we're not tracking any hotspots in the traffic department will start with a bridge check great ride the bay bridge lite traffic all morning long could cycling of the metering lights left us with hardly any backups. no waiting no matter what approach you make to the toll booths. it is a light and easy but ride at the san mateo bridge. the golden
9:33 am
gate bridges the what ride for sure as you can say. bill won a one slows down at a bit going across the span. public transit no delays or concerns at there. >> a 17 year-old boy is in critical condition when he was injured when a san tunnel he was digging collapse. he was on a field trips he and a friend were dating two holes and wanted to connect them underground they were 6 ft. deep he was buried for 15 minutes. they are saying it was a freak accident. >> it was an accident kids were playing in the sand that could you do it the beach no one thought it
9:34 am
could happen everyone on the beach was pray and it's a miracle that he is alive it is a miracle. >> this is a photo of ryan from his facebook page his brain waves are reacting to people's voices >> san francisco they have which identified a teen involved in a shooting over the weekend. the gunfire erupted at market and sound seventh. they sought to group of people involved before the shooting. you can see all paillette casings here on the ground. all those injured were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. >> and a stabbing that happen of a car wash three
9:35 am
people were stabbed at this car wash. >> two people are in jail this morning 4 out of the five people worked at the car wash. they were very soft-spoken man you can see that surveillance camera over there it caught the confrontation on with that camera it was like they rushed towards each other like rams three men staggered next door to the apartment complex in ambiences were called they were rest to the hospital and are in stable condition one refused treatment he was stabbed in the forearm the two men are brothers. we
9:36 am
spoke to their families this morning they believe they are the victims it was all longstanding feud between two families. they both live in the same complex we spoke to the owner of a car wash took him by surprise >> they are great guys they're all very polite they do their work there great employees i've never having trouble with them >> before you knew there was no confrontation air travel between them? >> now there was nothing if there is anything like that going on they did not say here. >> they believe that there was a fist fight recently they thought it was over and for what ever reason they got it back into what last nine weapons were involved last night. i spoke to of
9:37 am
officer and he said there is no motive known all right now. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues and of the rain keen continues to come down hard and steady. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu! malibu chicken, flame broiled steak, or half dozen jumbo shrimp, plus endless salad bar... starting at just $9.99!
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riot scene breeze as the government tries to pass mascots. you and see some of the writing here in athens people are expected in the streets all day. it is job cuts and pay cuts you can see the molotov cocktail being thrown at police. this
9:41 am
strike is disrupting public transportation in greece. la garde would be the first woman to lead the organization. top state department lawyer and president obama is acting within law when he ordered u.s. intervention in libya. obamas said he does not need authorization. this statement has angered both republicans and democrats. it would give the president one year limited authority. a quick break happy for the kron 4 morning news
9:42 am
continues and the rain continues to command it is just about to hit the bay bridge and heavier rain off shore.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
major league baseball is an object a new the bankruptcy filing. billy is suggesting to the idea that there of of money. the baseball commissioner is saying and they should read jack mccord financial problems. major
9:46 am
league baseball is objecting to the loss angeles dodgers filing a bankruptcy. the man that had a verbal altercation with giants fan bryan stowe shortly before you is insulted is speaking out. this is video that gm lazear's received that is bryan stowe in the black t- shirt the man is claiming stowe was inciting fans that he was a dodger dog. and police have arrested two suspects after the stabbing in walnut creek it was responding to a fight at a
9:47 am
car wash three men were stabbed to were taken to hospital and are in stable condition this but suspects remain in custody. and federal investigators it are saying that the cell found that belong to the truck driver that crashed into the at can't train is being investigated. they're checking to see if he was sending a tax or was beating on the the town. " and this is a live look out of nevada on and heavy rain coming down heavy rain coming down >> and there is the possibility of setting some
9:48 am
of rain at records. north bay has been dealing with this the greater part of the morning. we could get more than a half an inch of rain we've already had 0.4 in. so far there in we will surely where the of most of the rain is located san francisco is starting to see the showers december and all as well pretty as you head into mill valley the intensity of this storm is greater. santa rosa is
9:49 am
taking off not just little bit your afternoon highs will be cool this afternoon 69 degrees in concord we will be in the upper 50s along the coast actors today it calms down a little bit and will continue to warm could the end of the triple digits in the land. >> i just washed my car and it's raining out well if that's the worst we have to
9:50 am
contend with and not bad. no backups are delays here at the toll plaza. the back up only lasted to the east parking lot. as you had to the bridge and no delay. san mateo bridge problem free now no delays going across the span and the golden gate bridge ride it is shrouded in heavy rain. this is the first rain in a while so what the roads might be extra slippy. >> we will be right back is the kron 4 morning news
9:51 am
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9:53 am
9:54 am
tom hanks let it be known that pics are is getting ready to make a choice story for. they are trying to have charlie sheen drive off a cliff onto and have man to end his appearance on the show. >> you and see the flames and burned out trees and several homes have already
9:55 am
burned. the nuclear material there is save and the laboratory is not directly affected. people that live nearer lost almost are packing up and getting out of the area. there is on a bill one that traffic accident with the evacuation. this fire is expected to double in size from fires to flooding of this is the fourth chalone nuclear power plant and the swollen missouri river caught. they had a shutdown of the dead generators to keep them the nuclear power
9:56 am
plant on the plan had been shut down for refueling. it is raising fear that other power plants in united's states would be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. later in the cell phone market and now has an eye on the tablet market. >> h t c has just released and newt tablet on the market it is called a bid to evoke eve view it is the second of 40 tablets to be on the market. >> that this blaze bright in sharp cow and uses the an droid operating system. it is the first an droid google
9:57 am
palin. you come watch movies and tv of shows on this tablet. an droid tablets have not offered this as of yet. and as two cameras were on the front won on the back. you can buy a wifi version only >> and we thank you for joining kron 4 morning news and we watch traffic and weather as the rain continues to come down coming up as dr.phil and we will see you tomorrow coming up as dr.phil and we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m..
9:58 am
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